Did I every tell you about that time I scared a boss (not mine, he was in the room) so much, that he was to scared to enter my office for the next couple of weeks? πŸ˜…
Good times 😊

Tl;dr: He was the reason I was working at max capacity and then he started complaining that shit wasn't working.

Full story:
I was out of office, building up a new site. I was the only IT working that day, others were out on vacation.
Suddenly I start getting flooded with calls from other sites, that nothing works. It is so bad, that my boss can't reach me on the company phone, so he calls me on my private phone.
Apparently all the servers are down.
So me into a taxi, heading for the main office.
When I get there I just start booting the servers on by one, because they didn't like that they had lost power. While I'm working, my boss is standing there, ready to help.
Another boss enters the office and goes: "I can't access Navision". To which I quickly reply something like: "Well everything is down, I'm the only one who can fix it and I'm working as fast as I can".
Two weeks later, another employee tells me, that the other boss has been running all his equipment off a battery backup, since the failure, because his power cord failed. He spilled a cup of coffee on it and therefore was the reason, that all the servers lost power (bad setup, I know). And apparently I was so frightening that he didn't have the courage to ask for a new power cord πŸ˜‚
Best thing was that my boss never stopped me or told me that I did something wrong.

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    Well you did not.

    When its burning you don’t stop the fire men for an education in etiquette, you stay out of their way. :)

    And also, I guess he was more than a little ashamed of what had happened so ;)
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    You didn't even say anything out of the ordinary. I am amazed you didn't say anything about the setup at the time.
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    Well, we didn't know that the entire building was on the same HPFI relay with individual breakersπŸ˜… No one ever checked...
    Safe to say, that was remedied the next day.
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