I recently got a project for scaling multiple wordpress sites for around 5k req/s

The biggest mistake I made is that even though it's wordpress I accepted it, fml!

Even aws load balancer gave up.

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    Consider moving to .net, our services are crunching 1.2M/s, and we're middle of the pack.
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    Wordpress will shit it's self at the DBS side, nginx should suffice or scale the web instances if needed, but ideally scale in db replication and don't - for the love of god *unpacks a new keyboard* - have the same EC2 instance host both the web and dbs.
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    I agree, local db is much faster compared to rds or db on same network.

    But as said, it's multiple wordpresses 😂
    I still hope, nginx can pull me out of this shit.
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    Or using WP as offline CMS which would make the actual online website static, yielding both better performance and security.
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    That's just a time/space trade-off 😁
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