"a poor programmer will always blames his tools"

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    *cough* Windows haters *cough*
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    Is this about PHP? 😂😂
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    Only so much I can do with progress ABL
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    I'm not blaming the tools, I'm just complaining about the shitty Java RDP client you gave me to access your network. Come on now, it's 2017.
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    Notepad crashed on me
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    That's a little harsh... I mean the users aren't always very bright, but you don't have to call them tools.
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    Says... Who? I can program a reactive beautiful website in Notepad and IE but I can get it done a lot faster in a real IDE with Chrome's wonderful dev tools. Some things just make life easier.
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    Go on, edit raw bytes in some sys file. But please, dont use stackoverflow or notepad, or any other ide, cant you do that ? Are you not familiar with dem basic tools ? Why you call yourself a dev if you cannot modify the file using magnets over the disk plate , huh ?

    Give me a break, editors are helpful, a lot, but i would still kill javascipt if i could.
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    I am the tool, always
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    Kill JavaScript Kill JavaScript
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