My manager is so obsessed with machine learning that during a discussion today, he asked whether we could use ML to find the distance between a pair of latitudes & longitudes. He is a nice guy, though.

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    Its just math ...
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    @rusty-hacker Yes, it took him a moment to realize that.
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    Yes you can... create a logistic regression that classifies if the error between the measure distance mathematically by one method is the same to the distance calculated by other method.
    Buy some GPUs for it and say you are going to tensor flow the shit out of it.
    Deploy it and see it running in parallel in a blink of an eye.
    Realise there was no need to it.
    Use the GPUs to play skyrim with all mods.
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    you could do this with machine learning though.
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    @Spaceman yes but isn't it dumb to use ML for a task that can be easily done with simple math!
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