I cant take python!!!!!

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    Python can’t take you, too!
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    Was the class full? (:
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    Me neither.
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    Try some lubrication.
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    If your professor doesn't teach and expect high
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    @witch21 some college professors really suck at teaching. Python is easy to start learning by yourself. Give it a try by doing things by yourself. Lot of good quality free training available on YouTube. All the best.
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    @samxxx thankyou for that, but it really suck because we are online class now and he just upload "Unlisted" videos on youtube. And he's like "READING" What he prepare.
    And when he make an assignment he control what to code, i mean there is so many different ways to code but our code must be what he is thinking. Like WTF hahahahahaha
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    @samxxx yes, but so much crap. Would be nice if the teacher guides you what is the right stuff. I can imagine starting developers get lost.

    @witch21 my problem with education in general. It comes with someone else his mindset
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