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    Is the person who posted that projecting? Like they think people are so limited that they cannot have skills in multiple areas? An intelligent person would find their lack of imagination unattractive.
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    git merge sharon_please_come_back
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    @Demolishun it’s just a joke, man
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    This is why I learned both coding and how to compose bad music. Now I'm only missing a girlfriend, but it's somehow harder to find one of those.
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    You can make a randomizer, add people names, surnames, clothes and some other things, call it "I made a game, where you make random characters, like The Sims" and she'll love it.
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    Are those Trump stones? lol 🤣
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    @bioDan 😂 that was my first thought hahaha
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    i once had a task to change example registration code on a website. a changed it so when you read every second letter it was "i love you [name of my then crush]"
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    I used to be an artist. Now I’m a software developer. Sometimes I write songs about my branches.
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