Guy on Facebook: *asks a simple question*
Me: *crams an entire bachelors degree into a single comment*

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    Selected as answer: "turn it off and on again"
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    @SortOfTested answer with 0 votes: "Reinstalling Windows might help"
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    Facebook limits how much you can put in a single message sadly.

    Not like other systems, that let you write 65k of text !

    It's quite low, something like 20k, and it doesn't really tell you, it just gets troublesome, and sometimes lets you post, and then, it doesn't appear..

    Worse is when you have a slow connection, since e v e r y l e t t e r you type gets sent, pauses, and then another one gets sent, so its like writing on a, well, even 1Mhz 8088 PC was quicker..

    And then, 10 years later, you can't find the message..
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    8086 and 8088 were both 5,8 or 10Mhz. The only difference was the data bus.

    Interestingly enough, the 8086 was actually the better of the two because the 8088 was a cost optimal version of the 8086 that wasn't compatible with the 8087 APU.
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    I had one of these, which you could run @ any speed from 10Mhz, right down to 1Mhz !

    Which helped to save the 3 X AA batteries it ran from. ( Which meant you had to buy your AA's in packs of 3 x 4 = 12.. )

    You could run it a bit on rechargeable by having I think 2 x AA rechargeables at 1.2v and one real battery @ 1.5v, but it wouldn't work on 3 X 1.2v..

    I remember my neighhbour who had only ever seen a desktop PC, couldn't figure out where the rest of my PC was, since he could see the screen and the keyboard parts..



    The processor is an 80C88A running at 5 MHz or 10 MHz. No AT or 386 CPU actions are available, however an EMM memory driver is provided in ROM. Normal clock rates are 5 MHz and 10 MHz, however you can use custom software to clock from 1 MHz to 8 MHz.

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