So, entropic has been up for a year now. Anyone walking on their feet now?

The talk: https://youtu.be/MO8hZlgK5zc

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    Its not gonna do much. NPM had weathered enough competitors that people are gun-shy about jumping on alternatives.
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    @SortOfTested If the commercial world is generous enough to allow the survival of this idea, deno will do on it's own.

    *A wild VC appears!*
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    Personally, I don't see it going anywhere.

    Node is attractive to a specific class of developer. That class of developer is okay with eschewing safety at many levels in favour of time to market. They don't see value in things like static analysis, and don't tolerate barriers to their productivity, even for good reason.

    When you talk about the kind of engineers that care about what deno offers, and begin comparing its features, you start butting up against significantly more expressive, safe and robust languages/runtimes that are significiantly more mature and capable.

    Tl;dr someone who cares about what deno offers is more likely to write rust or C++ than javascript.
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    It looks just like any other boring javascript thing I’ve seen. Nothing special, at least to me. But I got so bored reading its description I may have missed a bunch of things
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    @SortOfTested food for thought, really.

    I was trying to make a comparison of IE6 era and the start of Chromium project, but I believe you must have already got my point. It's always a moving target, and peasants can survive with the easiest tool they can reach.

    But if someone wants to improve things from the supply chain, I am all for it.
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