You know a server is having a jolly'ol time when, while logging through the serial console, it lags... Then, a few seconds later, you get a message

[time.seconds] Out of memory: Kill process PID (login) score 0 or sacrifice child
[time.seconds] Killed process PID (login) total-vm:65400kB, anon-rss:488kB, file-rss:0kB

10/10, only way to bring the server back to life was by a hard-reset :|

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    That feels like a murder. Every time...

    Btw reisubo is a friendlier way to murder your linux :)
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    @netikras Of course, though luckily, I could just hard-stop the machine, considering it was a KVM-based VM.

    The filesystem wasn't too happy... But... FSCK managed to bring it back :D
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    Yep, hard reset every single time. Works like a charm.
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