On that day five years ago, Debian creator died under shady circumstances. His twitter was gone minutes after his last posts.

The lack of coverage, heck, the lack of basic awareness about death of THE CREATOR OF FUCKING DEBIAN is astonishing.

Twitter archive (the actual archived HTML) — https://archive.vn/OPlI7
Pastebin (raw tweets text) — https://pastebin.com/yk8bgru5

Goodnight, Ian. We miss you.

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    I'm not so sure. He had a history of public intoxication.

    That being said, it's strange that Twitter hasn't come out and indicated how his account was deleted. Seeing as how many of Twitter's employees are Antifa, you'd think they'd be willing to release that information.

    That would clear a lot of things up. An investigation could be done there, unless they're gagged by court order, which could also be the case.

    My question is, if he had posted something on his blog like he indicated, why didn't anyone archive it? They archived all of his tweets.

    All of it is weird, and I don't know that it's fair to assume things either way.

    One thing I certainly do not believe is that SystemD is somehow a backdoor used by the government. That's just conspiracy talk.
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    Heavy drinker, has a psychotic break. End of story.

    I'm sure his kids love that the primary thing they find when they google their father is his drunken ramblings before he killed himself and a bunch of people theorizing his assassination by the police, and annual rehashing of the story.
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    @SortOfTested before I might agree with you, but with all these episodes US police had in recent year or two, would say they're almost for sure not so innocent in this whole story..
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    This was in 2015.

    If you're going to use the profile as substantiation: The San Francisco PD has a history of racist, anti-gay policing. Fucking with a high profile straight white guy with men's rights leanings for shits and giggles doesn't fit the profile.
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    Just as a though experiment, would people be saying the same if it was a woman or a gay man or god forbid a PoC.

    Would it stay proudly displayed on twitter and would people go into the streets protesting the police like they did with Floyd? A Known felon and a drug addict?
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    @Hazarth am I the only one who is irked by the usage of "poc" as a singular where it should be a "human of color" instead?
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    He also said he was going to kill himself.

    I'm not sure tweets about harassment should mean we buy into a conspiracy with no other evidence anymore than... tweets about suicide and what ends up as a suicide.
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    @electrineer I always forget that it is used interchangeably with "human". A weird word.
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    @SortOfTested so what, just because it has a history, it's not possible and it could never happen that a white guy ran into some idiots who were prone to abusing their power?

    @N00bPancakes I know, was talking about the events that lead him to that and which he was describing prior to killing himself
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    @myss The probabilities of a female law enforcement officer stripping and raping a wealthy white man of prominence are lower than someone having a drinking problem and having a public meltdown and the family trying to keep things as private as possible during the aftermath.

    This isn't a rape apology. This is simply logic. There isn't enough evidence publicly available, so literally everything in this thread is speculation. We're doing nobody any favors by making accusations and only opening up the discussion to flamewars.
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    also, considering the first post he did was literally about money and taxes, I think he was legit upset. You don't really start good made up stories with taxes
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