Playing Among Us just reminds me how absolutely insanely stupid the general public is.

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    Among Us is the gamification of development without version control.
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    @kwilliams I'd watch a programming show where 6 person teams have to build apps without version control in half an hour on a shared vps.
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    @homo-lorens On a shared VPS is too easy. Just use Vim and it will notify you with a prompt that the file is open elsewhere.

    If you really want to get interesting, have them use an FTP client to upload their changes.
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    @junon The least they deserve is file locking. There will be chaos anyway.
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    @junon how? I haven’t played but it looks like a lot of strategy is involved. Maybe you’ve played with/against a lot of dummies?
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    @d-fanelli I've played hundreds and hundreds of rounds. The sample size isn't exactly small.
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