Fell into depression, didn't get out yet.

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    *throws down rope ladder*

    "Come get out of your depressionpit! I know things aren't looking great up here either... But we could have some apocalypse orgies or december food gorging festivities? I'll make you a hot cocoa and bake you some apple pie. At least come dance a little on the pyre of covid corpses before we set it ablaze? I know we can't order a PS5 or RTX graphics card, but we could drunkenly play some old school Red Alert 2 or fuck around in Counter strike 1.6? What if I rub your dick with a lysol wipe and put on my ballgag mouth mask, are you up for a fivesome then?"
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    @bittersweet I'm disgusted and appreciative.
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    Things get better, I guess!
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    Honest rant
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