Ain't surprise... Win 7 is still one of the amazing few things that came from MS.

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    I dislike the modern assertion that the thing that caters to the least capable/initiated/skilled user is the thing that has "great usability."

    Those same millions of users who aren't upgrading are the same users for whom Windows 7's "great usability" is a generalized assumption. Most of them aren't tuned into garbage like zdnet, and are blissfully unaware of the demise of their 'puter, or what an operating system even is.

    We should not be celebrating resistance to change, it's the primary source of problems the world over.
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    @SortOfTested Resistance to change isn't what's going on. It's resistance to change for the worse.
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    I disagree, most users don't have the technical prowess or engagement to even make that decision. They don't understand why their 15 year old machine isn't supported anymore, but they're totally fine with a car warranty that expires after 4. They are selectively and intentionally obtuse as a mechanism of absolving themselves of the responsibility of basic due diligence.

    Windows 10 is what happens when you fail at innovation. That doesn't mean that keeping things that same for the sake of sameness, and a skeuomorphism that hasn't existed for 30 years is a virtue. One thing eschewing ergonomics does not make the other thing ergonomic, even by comparison.
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    @SortOfTested Disagree with your disagree. MS tried various shady moves to inflict Win 10 on Win 7 users, and you had to actively decline that shit.

    People still on Win 7 did decide not to want a spyware OS with forced and buggy updates due to the cut down Qindows QA.
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    Put "forced" in that.

    Why exists active hours if they aren't respected?
    Why I need to "snooze" the update every hour?
    Why they place a popup in the center of the screen with the option of restart the PC? (I can't count the times I (or colleagues) misclicked)

    Or why Windows can simply decide to reboot and update?
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    I assume that minority is either missing an internet connection, or is actively declining wupdates.

    Could also be ppl spoofing the stats
    (how many hits for old update endpoint?)
    or w/e they use to gather the data. (:
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    You know when you do shit and have 2 controls panel because the new one sucks ass
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    Let’s not forget the built-in ads and automatically-reinstalled bloatware @Fast-Nop. Those are things even nontechnical people will be annoyed at.

    But no, with the amount of lures and tricks and incessant reminders to try getting Win7 users to upgrade to win10, those that haven’t upgraded have done so by choice. And personally, I don’t blame them.

    Besides, let’s say everyone did upgrade as SortOfTested tells us that we should. This tells Microsoft that we find their tactics and travesties acceptable, and thus that they should continue. The only way to vote against them is to not upgrade, and/or switch to a different OS.
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    I didn't say people should upgrade, I'm saying millions of people didn't reject something based on conscious usability decisions as the original post states. That's giving the average person way too much credit.

    People don't update because they're lazy or cheap. Those who do are in the extreme minority. End of story.
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    @SortOfTested I disagree. Declining all of those “FREE upgrade!” offers was irritating and occasionally difficult.
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    I upgrade when I buy a new computer lol
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    @SortOfTested When I say "great usability" I meant it.
    This isn't about the oldies or non-tech savvy, it's more of a fact. To talk about usability I don't think the current win 10 can stand in par with the old 7 in my opinion.
    * On Head to Head
    1) Search (I'll pick win 7's search)
    2) Music Player (I'll pick win 7's Media Player)
    3) Systems Setting (I'll pick win 7's control panel)
    4) Photo (I'll pick win 7's photo viewer)
    5) Utility apps and quick games (Still win 7)

    My only credit for 10 is it's UI but asides that, it's a flop wrapped with shitty UWP apps and unwanted updates. It's no surprise we still have some win7 apps on 10 like win media player and the old control panel. They still exist for a reason... usability it may be.

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    me still crying over how much I loved windows xp

    and how much vista pissed me off to the point of stearing me into a career in software
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    I love how same people that complain of "bloatware" on windows 10 doesn't complain about bloatware on mac os (eg:you cannot unistall chess)... Or they complain about updates on windows (from 7 to 10 and from to 10 to "10.x") but tbey don't complain about updates on mac os... Ah right because blame ms here is so coooool
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    @dontbeevil You’re still a Microsoft fanboy / apologist? I thought you grew out of that already.
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    So yeah running win 7 is dangerous and stupid. Is win 10 better? In a lot of ways it is but in more it sucks.
    You have no fucking control over anything on the bar.

    Start menu = commercial disco that breaks down with bing.
    Pinned items = fucking edge every update.
    Tray icons = how the fuck got "meets" there?
    Notifications = you really need office and edge.

    Yeah give me a paid OS please. Or better Linux. Free security updates no crap forever.
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    @Root i see you still didn't grew up already to counter my arguments with real facts, like all linux nazis, this will be my last reply to you
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    @dontbeevil Oh, you tease!
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    Wannaweep coming?
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