I wish you needed at least 500++ to post images or in the joke section.

What's with all these new people just reposting memes?!

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    Fast way to get free ++s or so they think. Why they'd want that, I have no idea.
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    @Elyz muh fReE sWaGz ThO
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    @Stuxnet I thought they didn't give free swag anymore? Also why would you want swag from a community you don't know about/aren't part of?
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    @Elyz these sped individuals have made coding their "LiFe" and just want anything and everything related to it.

    They're a buncha weird fuckin dweebs imo lol
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    @Stuxnet Imagine being so poor that you cant afford some stickers. Its sad so many people only cared about the free swag. People are really taking things for granted these days

    Besides i never wanted to claim mine back then, since i would rather buy them if i wanted them to support the community.
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    @Frederick Same.
    I never claimed my free stressball, either.

    @Elyz They probably just want more stickers for their laptop/door. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    Downvote them for spam.
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    Apparently devRant is mentioned on some places as a helpful place where to ask questions. Maybe some people come here by what I'd consider false advertising.
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    It is mostly poor people farming upvotes for the free premium account.
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    Yeah sure, then they'll just post memes in the rant section.

    No-o-o thank you.
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    Maybe Someone Hacks!!
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    Can't blame them, if there is a joke/meme category, they will post it.
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