Me : We have 3 guys , 850 hours of content to develop, and you want this by mid Feb...
Account Manager : Yes
Me: ... (Doing math in head)..
Account Manager : This has to happen , what do we need to MAKE THIS HAPPEN..
Me: A time machine....

- awkward silence -

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    Hehe, been there. We were 2 guys and two junior's. Had 1400 hours to do in 2 months.

    When managers set deadlines.. junior's had to learn the language, so essentially two guys
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    im 87% sure i used to be a coworker of one of you. this sounds all too familiar
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    A time machine would send you back in time, where you'd have to restart your project from scratch... again and again... and again...
    That would be awesome but not useful. By time machine do you mean a machine that create time? In that case a light speed travel machine would be more useful. At least IMHO.
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    @micheletto Just bring your work back with you
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    Salve labour could work too...
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    @Lel00 clever!
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    Been there done that: "we absolutely need the complete website by tomorrow!"
    Dude, you don't know what you are talking about. Seriously.
    Luckily i had a senior as a backup!
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    Hah , yeah so today every compromise we offered was knocked back with euphemisms tantamount to 'no - figure it out' ... Their solution, 'let's pull the senior team and other team leads into a 3 hour meeting to bring them up to speed', say the same things again in slightly more virulent fashion... I guess they were hoping for a userper to say "it can be done" but... more awkward silence and a great use of our time.. #your-content-was-late #slave #make-it-so #timemachine
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    Or you could use the time machine to ho back and convince the client earlier that he needs the software, so that when it asks your company to develop it you will have more time
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    The sweetest irony of this project was/is that their content teams couldn't keep up with us...
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