If I do a job in 30 minutes it’s because I spent 10 years learning how to do that in 30 minutes. You owe me for the years, not the minutes.

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    Very good quote 👍
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    No, you owe me for the benefit you got from my work.
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    Either you are on Twitter, or you found it on there I think 🤔
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    Nope. It's a shame it took you 10 years to do things right in a first try so that the 30min work wouldn't take 3 hours. Mgmt does not need someone who took 10 years to do stuff. Mgmt needs someone who can do it in 30mins. And that's what you've signed up for

    edit: when you're hired bcz you took 10years to learn stuff you're hired as a senior or smth and your salary reflects your pisition. It also reflects those 10 years. So evrthng seems in the right places
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    If I do a job in 30 minutes I tell everybody that it was reaaaally complicated and took half a day.
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    Well if you are grade A coder and the fastest guy in the office, then the only option is to promote you to project manager. Program management thinks that your magic juice will somehow fall into the ones below you. It doesn't. But now instead of getting praised for you superiority, you'll get blamed for others mediocrity.
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    @netikras ahh I get it, basically, fuck experience right? We should pay the newbie with 10 months of programming experience the same as the engineer with them 10 years.

    This is what the quote refers to---->experience. Not "I learn slowly and you must pay for it"
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    @AleCx04 nope, that's not what I meant :) I was aiming for "dont be an arogant greedy idiot just bcz you've been doing this for 10 yrs".
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    - That will be 9 million dollars, thank you very much.
    - Err, isn't that your hourly rate times ten years?
    - Yeah. See ya later, virgins 👉😎👉
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    @Hubot-0x58 I've read the exact same quote on Twitter the other day 🤔
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    So, if my 85 years old grandma knits a hat in 1 hour should that sell for $1 million?
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    @620hun if your grandma was queen of a kingdom why not :3
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    @CoffeeNcode it's also in an old Commitstrip
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