This gutted feeling when you got so overly excited over an idea that you poured blood, sweat, and tears into it only to figure out what the others were doing isn't actually bad. Their's doesn't have issues. There's nothing for me to do. My whole idea, scrapped

I feel tired 😔

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    Know the feeling :/
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    😕 yeah... that's my life with ADHD
    But you know, if you do that often enough you'll learn new stuff that will benefit you immensely in long term. So keep on obsessing even if it's tiring.
    I think you'll get better at project management every time you do that.
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    It's not a complete loss, you learnt something. In fact I'd argue this is a major way of learning things. You really appreciate others' design when you try it yourself.
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    Sounds like you learned a lot, congratulations
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    Yes, you will be tired. For now. And for some more time

    But you will come back with something new. That fresh feeling of newness is addictive and that's what makes us Engineer things
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    I don’t even get ideas. I sometimes feel like a mindless drone executing orders. If I had ideas as great as yours that got me excited, it would be neat because I’m sure you’ve learnt a lot, with being so passionate about it :)
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