What are your reviews on silicon valley?
(The show)

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    Bill gates said it's the closest to reality, also, the first 3 seasons are awesome, It's a great show overall.
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    Deceptively not a whole lot of silicon. 5/10.
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    I have been working in the startup field (in Europe) and it resonated a lot with my own experience.
    That being said, I didn't watch the last seasons. It felt like the show didn't have much to say near the end.
    I recommend it to anyone working in IT
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    @theabbie that company is (or was) not even there right? Anyway. Who cares about what he says. He became weird

    On topic: liked first few seasons a lot. But forgot to watch the rest. Tried it crowd?
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    Worth it :)
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    First 3ish seasons were the best, but the rest are still decent.

    Glad they ended it when they did instead of try and drag it out
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    Nice and interesting in the first two seasons. Then it becomes boring corporate bullshit.
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    First 2 seasons great, could have stopped there, alas they kept going and it became repetitive.
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    Started off really well and it is unique. Then, the predictive endings and cliffhanger style screenplays make it suck

    But, can't be missed. We don't get a lot of such shows
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    Hated it.
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    @BlackSparrow There was too much second hand embarrassment for me to handle.
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    I enjoyed it, but figured it was really close to a better version of Big Bang Theory - that is: it was way more about awkwardness and nerdyness in general than about programming.

    The nail in the coffin was their Tabs VS Spaces joke.

    They obviously had no idea what tabs vs spaces is about as they made a scene where the one advocating for spaces sits there and presses the space bar 4 times for each indentation.

    That just made me sad.
    I actually think this skit will make some wannabe-programmers completely misinterpret the idea of what tabs vs spaces is all about and think that everyone who uses spaces MANUALLY PRESSES THE SPACEBAR.
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    On a positive note: I gotta say that SIlicon Valley actually changed my views on working for a big corporation like Google.

    At the time, I thought that working for Google, getting free lunches, going to big launch parties etc was the dream for most devs. So the fact that this show made a mockery out of all that was super interesting to me.

    But overall I think it got a bit stale as the seasons went on and not much changed. When I realized every season ended with them being back in their house I started to feel like the show structure wasn't much different to Friends or any other sitcom.
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    I watch them regularly, good show, good pacing, I will agree with what some of the others have said thus far, seasons 1-3ish were definitely the best, but the rest of the show is pretty legit.
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    A super awesome show. Russ hannegan actor and tj miller used to kill with their dialogs. But sadly they removed tj in the later seasons.

    It was interesting for me as it related to a lot of reality. The Chinese industry, giants like hoolie , the startup culture, the whiteboards ( i actually learned a lot from "this guy fucks" guy , forgot his name. He was very wise), etc. They were on point about a lot of tech stuff, just making it delusional at the ends. For eg, the 51% attacks have happened in the past and a hot topic in blockchain domain, and they tried to show that somewhat correctly.

    A must watch for geeks. Also tbbt is good , but is more about scientists and research people . I like them for their jokes, but later got bored with a lot of repetition in plots.its not much relatable as its about scientists , but a decent time killer when you are travelling for 2 hours in a metro
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    Spoiler alert : the tres commas guy is going to get huuuge in the last season
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    It was fun and I've definitely met a bunch of people who are very much like certain characters in the show. The cringy sitcom stuff was a bit too much though, especially in the first few seasons.
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    Great show.

    TJ Miller being a creepy fuck really took the winds out of its sails tho in later seasons.

    I'm not 100% for cancel culture, but speaking as a middle aged white dude, if middle aged white dudes could stop ruining everything by being retarded creepy fucks that'd be cool.
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