Things I love of being a dev:

I downloaded a big list of .mp3's. The server gave them weird UUID's, but it kept their proper title on the metadata. I wanted to change the names to their proper title, and I could've done it by hand, but I decided to write a little script to do it. Well, I'm not a scripting geek, so I had to dive into how to get the metadata and format strings etc, the basics of PS. I'm pretty sure I wasted more time there than I would have just doing it by hand... but hey at least I learned something new! On my track to becoming a full-stack developer!

Anything to not do something so numbingly repetitive and uninspiring as that

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    If you had fun then nothing's wasted :D
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    Just spent 4 hours yesterday writing a script to accomplish a task that would've taken about 5 minutes to do manually. But I learned a lot in the process, and it was fun! plus, I saved myself 5 minutes :/
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    I would have used AIMP Tag Editor. It has a rename feature which can rename files by metadata.
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    @iiii while it is a nice tool, over engineering the fuck out of simple tasks is usually really funny and providers great learning experience.
    I'd try using shodan if they have publicly available api, or maybe a speech recognition engine and some database with song lyrics.
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    @impune-pl why recognition if metadata has all the information already?
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    @iiii for fun. I know there is metadata, but if i have time and can use it to learn something new and interesting while also completing the task, then why not.
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    There are countless tools that could have done that for you. Your favourite media player has one if it's not crap.
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