One day browsing the internet, I find a website that is hiring web developers. I was curious, so I decided to see the requirements.

Job : To manage this website
Skills Required

6+ years Experience of
Ruby on Rails
Advanced C++

Built at least 17 stand alone desktop apps without any dependencies with pure C++

Built at least 7 websites alone.
3+ years Hacking experience
built 5 stand-alone mobile with Java, Dart and Flutter
7800+ reputations on stack overflow.
Answered at least 560 questions on stack overflow
Have at least 300 repositories on GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket.
Written 1000+ lines of code on each single repository.

Salary: $600 per month.

If he learnt all languages one by one at age 0, he will be 138 now!

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    Did you forget to add the joke tag?
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    I'm not terribly far off from having that stack in my pocket...

    But I'm gonna need 10X that pay.
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    Other then assembly, I've atleast worked with all that in the past somewhere along the line 😆

    $600/month though, that's rough.
    I wouldn't get out of bed for $600/day if all that was my day job.
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    They forgot to add a zero?!
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    its my job 😎
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    > Answered at least 560 questions

    > on stack overflow

    There are other platforms too, don't those count !

    I must have answered tens of thousands of questions on other sites !

    Also, it doesn't state if your answers have to be correct or not. :-)
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    I'm reminded of a company that is a competitor to a product I'm working on.

    They wouldn't hire me because I don't know enough..

    10 years later, they are still looking for someone who can do all the stuff they want.

    Give me a few more years, and I'll be able to build them the exact thing I'm building..

    Only by then, once I finish mine, why would I work for them to and build another !
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    > Written 1000+ lines of code on each

    > single repository.

    I remember one program I wrote that had 100,000+ lines of code, that was sure fun !

    I must do V2 of it sometime..
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    > If he learnt all languages one by one

    > at age 0, he will be 138 now!

    I'm reminded folk say to me I should get a degree, and a PHD.

    But if I did that, I'd be past retirement age when I finish !

    Though my uncle who retired was still getting job offers in his 80's, but was told he was too old to move to country X and work there. :-(
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    C++, ADVANCED C++, assembly
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    Be glad it doesn't also require TensorFlow and a PhD in microbiology...
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    Ok the list of languages is absurd already (for a single website) but that second part of requirements can't be real. The numbers seem so arbitrary and rediculous... 300 repos? Dafuq?
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    Also need 50,000 points on devRant
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    Salary for that would be couple of millions bucks a month, $100.000 or something.
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    Assembly to manage a website.
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    R is another interesting entry. Matlab is another good language to know for web development.
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    @Nanos it can be correct or not.
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