Should I get into cryptocurrency trading 🤔

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    If you have an idea what you’re doing, absolutely.

    If you do not... we’ll, it’s still up to you.

    Personally, we made like usd$9k so far this month doing practically nothing.
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    If you haven't gotten in by the time a crypto currency surge is spread all over the media you are taking a big risk. If you get in a bit BEFORE that and ride the wave while people frantically want to join in on the fun you can make a decent buck.

    Otherwise I stay away.
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    @Root Algotrading?
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    @12bitfloat Just reading charts.
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    @Root the big questions is what is your 1, 2 and 3 year avg.

    Also reading charts is not nothing
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    Not if it’s your first foray into trading.
    Maybe try trading forex micro lots first in order to get an understanding of how trading actually works. Then work up to algorithmic trading with something like quantconnect.

    Trading is hard work and requires a tonne of research / practice to do right. Stay away from LARPing gamblers and their get rich quick schemes.
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