Get away as far as I can from web/app development.

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    Aye, time to learn assembly and build your own arm instructions

    Or plant some seeds, into... something.
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    Same, what are you thinking? I am looking into embedded.
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    Good. The backend and hardware will embrace you with loving hands.
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    I want to do the same. AI sounds like an awesome field but sadly there are far less jobs in that than webstack apps
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    @d-fanelli just because it sounds great on paper doesn't mean it is better.

    AI is a real headache. It's not like most videos or books make you think it is.
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    @KDSBest ok! I may not be missing anything then
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    @d-fanelli just a random internet guy complaining doesn't mean either. I hate web dev tho. That I can say for sure.

    I do service fabric, K8s and such
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    @AleCx04 Going to take the master in cybersec as soon as I get the bachelor's degree
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    @dmonkey nice, huge field with lots of opportunities man, good choice
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