After about 7 hours continuous work in any one day, I’ve kinda had enough and noticed that work beyond this point is usually shit. I stopped trying and think fuck it now. Deadlines are mainly bollocks anyway. My life is a lot better because of it. Don’t do today what you can put off til tomorrow.Who’s with me?

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    5 hour work day! for the same pay! now!
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    @heyheni Prety much Sweden since Corona started 😅 Oh right, that directive was only active until the last of December
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    @ScriptCoded jätte kult! 😄

    there are so much positive things about reduced work hours.

    1. The worker would be much more relaxed and productive and motivated.
    2. companies could employ two shifts for the same office space.
    3. people have more time to spend money and thus more demand increases the wealth of everyone.
    4. Familes get to be with their kids. And save the childcare cost which is money in their pocket.

    And imagine how relaxed we would be starting 9:30 and Leaving work at 3 pm to meet with friends.
    Just like in march 2020 lockdown everyone was so relaxed. 😢 it was beautiful.
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    @heyheni yeah, and if I recall correctly a lot of research show that reduced hours lead to better results from employees. But change is hard 🤷🏻‍♂️ There's no way companies would agree to shorter days.
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    It’s not if you’re manic
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    That's why it's normal to take small breaks every now and then.
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