You ever spend like 10 minutes typing up a whole-ass rant and then feel petty and dumb about it and just delete the whole thing?

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    Sometimes the act of just typing it calms me down enough that I realise I'm just being an are, and then delete the thing.
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    I tend to write strongly worded letters of dissatisfaction to some estate agents or companies I deal with and wait a day before sending. More often than not I end up not sending it. Anger clouds judgement.
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    Like when you start typing your problem into StackOverflow and you realize what the problem is? Yeah tons of times

    @bananaerror I remember there was a tv show whose premise is that someone kept all of these angry emails in their drafts folder, and some day they accidentally clicked send, and they were laid off of work, cancelled their wedding etc...
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    @eo2875 haha always leave the To field empty until you're about to hit send!
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    It happens. It's good to vent, even just in draft mode.
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