When I visited a social network after a while, I could not believe my eyes …

Seriously: why are so many large and successful websites so user-unfriendly? Is it only me, or is it bad UX design? Am I just getting old?

A short elaboration on effects and reasons, with links and screenshots, in my new blog post:


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    Because they want you to waste time on it
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    Your article asks where the content has gone. It also has a deco left sidebar that adds nothing of value, but distracts from the content, and is especially enerving when scrolling. Even worse on mobile because it steals precious screen width.

    That's also why UX has become bad - because people add bling bling just because they can without ever thinking whether it is really useful.
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    Nice, i also visited fb for the first time in 8 years an wow that site is straight cancer now ( not that it wasn't cancer before, but atleast it had a good utilisation of spaces and nicer ui back then)
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    @Fast-Nop Together with that font. Especially colons are barely visible.

    And the images are not sharp. I can't see anything! Or do I do I have to click on every single picture?
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    @sbiewald I didn't have issues with the font because my adblocker blocks Google Fonts, but without blocker - O-M-F-G. What train wreck is that crap? And then complaining about UX and content being pushed away? WTF!
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    @Fast-Nop That fucking font?! Run away fast.
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    Do you mind some other feedback / comments?

    Your article would profit very much if you pointed out the issues by highlighting them in the picture or at least place the picture right before the issue you show.
    May be constructive and ideally show positive examples (e.g. cookie banners: Github got rid of them perfectly legally by not tracking their customers!).

    Anyway, maybe an answer to your initial question, why the UX sucks: Everyone* else is worse ;)

    *not everyone, but most likely every relevant(!) competor
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    Social media wouldn't work without intentionally bad ux
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    @Fast-Nop fair play and thanks for being critical. It's me who has been blind about my own blog.
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    @sbiewald you too, thanks for your feedback. I will definitely change my theme, and I will update the gallery as well.
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