Just got this coding task from a recruiter trying to determine what they want.

This for a front end job but we talked about api/network calls.

Are they just looking for the UI or do they want me to make the agency names dynamic through the different databases?

The recruiter is kind of clueless.

How would you approach this.

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    'react.js or bootstrap'

    I don't mind either of those ,but the way they phrase that 'or':


    Any job has non technical folks or recruiters who mis-phrase stuff.... but that worries me how far that has gone.

    Also they're asking VERY specific stuff that I wonder if it is the actual job itself, and that too would worry me if only because that's kind wonky / who else did they hire for super pinpoint reasons...
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    Totally vague, no description of database design (schemas, etc)’no api parameters or other instructions as to how you can reach their backend. The fact they used etc in their list of requirements is another ding
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    The recruiter said they wanted me to take only an hour.
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    @katbreitin if you are going to get these types of task specifications its better to avoid the company. They have no idea what they want or how to work properly.

    Make the case that you want to talk with whoever is going to be your manager or assign your tickets before proceeding with the task. If you get a negative response, decline the offer.

    If they are the ones that created this task, decline the offer.

    Remember, you hold as much power as them so you should interview them as well to see that its indeed a good fit and a win-win situation for both parties
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    The only red flag I see is that it seems more a UI design test rather than a front-end one.

    Maybe they made you questions about api calls because it's the only thing they weren't going to ask in the test.

    Seems almost legit imo, maybe I'm missing something
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    @dmonkey but they want him to write it in react, so he’ll still have to code
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    I think better show them wireframe first and know for sure what are they going after. I could be wrong but it seems this individual thinks react and bootstrap are the same.
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    Thanks, that is what I though as well it was only UI because they said take an hour.

    New to javascript/react it’s for ‘early mid-developer’.

    I could do it in laravel in an hour using faker but totally unknown in react.js.
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    I was confused with that as well.
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    Normally I would probably walk away but this is to work on an app to combat human trafficking which would be super cool.
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    Sounds like free work. This is UI/UX design more than frontend. The fact they word React and Bootstrap as similar frameworks worry me.
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