Unpopular opinion.
devRant needs a poll feature :D

im starting a new project, and currently deciding on the css framework to pick. kinda sick of injecting bootstrap into everything and reworking it, time for a new toy.

so... Whats your preferred CSS Framework?

poll: https://linkto.run/p/WGJRHYK7

for the privacy conscious among us, feel free to comment below.

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    I don’t use css frameworks, create your own! start with a good reset then build from their. I have a bunch of snippets that I’ve built up over time. Every css file contains only the styles for that particular site i am working on. so responsive breakpoints are easy to configure and adjust. Its much quicker than using convoluted frameworks. Plus pre-processors are dead. Variables in css is the way to go now.
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    Tailwind makes sense.
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    Entirely depends on your criteria, but...

    If you only need modern browser support, ask yourself if you really *need* a CSS framework. Modern vanilla CSS supports a whole bunch of things that make it perfectly usable for most tasks - a choice of sane layouts like grid / subgrid, flexbox, etc., custom properties, and so on.

    Granted, if you really feel the need for nesting and things like that, you'll need to pick a framework - and I have nothing *against* them per-se. It just feels like everyone these days rushes to pick one without really considering if they need to.
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    I just write my own. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Some things are difficult, but most of it is pretty trivial.
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    Use tailwind if you must pick one. Otherwise raw CSS works wonders. Maybe get a bit of SASS to handle imports and mixins just to make things a tad bit tidier.
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    Crazy so many votes for Tailwind... (I voted for it too lol)

    It's kind of a complete misunderstanding of how css classes should work but it somehow looks like it makes sense? I'd definitely give it a go
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    @12bitfloat @3rdWorldPoison

    Maybe there's something I'm missing, but how is tailwind worth the effort when there's 10+ classes per element to assign?
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    @C0D4 Ironically that's literally their selling point. The so-called OO-CSS.

    Tbh it's either between bootstrap or tailwind. Depends entirely on what suits your palette.

    I generally pick tailwind due to its granular control over existing ruleset.

    Also, I've seen it provide a bit more readability.

    It's a tad bit smaller as well (which hardly makes a difference imo).
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    in contradiction to my last post. Take a look at foundation by Zurb. google it
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