I was assigned the research of an issue, after doing that I told in a meeting what we needed to solve, then someone asked which engineer would take care of that so I said me and they didn't listen. Then they asked again and someone else spoke before I could. I can't have good performance if they don't give me tasks. I'm bored of doing nothing, fuck quarantine making people forget I exist.

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    It sucks, but try giving yourself the work before anyone else can get there - both on your issue tracking system and verbally. So when explaining the results of your research, you can say something like:

    "...and therefore the next logical tasks are to implement x, y & z. I've written those tasks up as Jira stories and made a start on x."

    If anyone then doesn't hear you or cuts across, you can then just reiterate with "I've actually already started on x - I've added y & z in Jira, so feel free to grab those" (or similar.)
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    You could have still said that you were already thinking about working on it
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    Looks like there is no company work to do.
    So you finally have some spare time to work on your side projects...
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    @electrineer yes, it didn't occurred to me at the moment 😅
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    @AlmondSauce Thanks for the advice, I'm researching something else and this time I will prepare beforehand
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