What happened to the warm welcome that new users received back in the day? Now when someone posts their first rant people bash on details and give them no chance. I remember posting half-dumb rants, but no one gave me shit for that. It takes time to grow into a community, you can't just expect people to behave identically to the rest. Makes me a bit disappointed to be fair.

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    For example?
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    Community is going toxic.
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    Sounds like a progress to me. It seems we are having more angrier devs with zero chill.
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    I think it depends on just how dumb the first post is. There is such a concept as lurking. I've been lurking for months before I made my first post, and no one ever game me un-due shit here

    if you don't lurk and try to get a feel for the community and instead you rudely come in and start acting like you know the place you're going to get shit back, that's just how it works and how it's supposed to work. A new user should put in at least the minimal amount of effort to get a feel for the place and they'd know what goes and what doesn't.

    so perhaps it's not that we're worse at welcoming new users, but we're getting more new users that can't be bothered to do their research before they post
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    I can give them a warm welcome.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    @theabbie I couldn't find an example (looked just a minute, perhaps removed), but it's just something I've noticed. Hit me just now.

    @Hazarth Yeah I guess there's something to that. I wish I could give an example, but I recall posts where the post wasn't actually dumb, but some small thing like misunderstanding something or whatever got all the attention, not the actual post.

    @rutee07 I know, and I bet you will one day ( อก° อœส– อก°)
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    Well, if people dont wanna face backlash for their posts, then they shouldnt make posts asking for free swag or reposts stupid memes. Also it doenst make it better, when some of these kind of posters also cant even create the post properly with the correct category.
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    @Frederick Yeah! Those guys posting in the wrong category really piss me off... oh wait
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    I can only come up with so many quirky intro's, I think I scared someone once ๐Ÿ˜…

    Plus it doesnt help the nooblet's are just wanting stickers or advice they could have googled for, community is getting worn down from it. We need some fresh, active, rantable blood ๐Ÿง›‍โ™‚๏ธ

    Even @Fast-nop gave up on the devRant category ๐Ÿคท‍โ™‚๏ธ
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    I think new users get a lot of flack for using wrong tags like the "devrant" tag when they otherwise post good content. When as many fall for that as they do, it implies a design issue more than a user issue.

    I've nothing against giving flack to new users who just come here constantly posting about free stickers or memes though. Encouraging that sort of behaviour is what will kill this community, not grow it.
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    When you sign up, have a green dot, and then post a crusty JPEG-ridden "omg literally me xD" meme, then yeah, you can fuck right off with that.

    The other species, which is a little less common, are the posts that are ranting about something that is their own fault, or that they're being unreasonable.

    And yes, as time moves forward, the more and more saturated this field becomes, and more and more people bitch about shit they don't understand. The collective dumbing-down of the software industry is inescapable it seems - devRant included.

    tl;dr don't post stupid shit, don't get shit responses. Very simple.
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