Got absolute worse hair style today,
Had long hair with stubble (like Jesus)
Went to saloon and said surprise me , and oh well he did ...

It’s only fair to update the avatar

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    When you said "saloon", I imagined you with your long hair and cowboy outfit entering a tavern. The wind blowing through your hair. The sound of the door swinging and the bartender placing a glass on the table while random cowboy dudes talk and laugh in the background.

    You sit by the bar, lift a glass of alcohol and sneakily shoot one of the guys in another table. Silence in the air. You finish your drink, stand up, place your payment on the table, re-adjust your cowboy hat, and then walk away.
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    @rutee07 dang it salon !! geezz....
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    Well, you gave all the freedom to a human with totally unknown taste. What have you expected?
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    @iiii Maybe he knows the person? 🤔
    I used to do that once in a while when I got bored of long hair..
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    A color change like ash white seems cool 😎 if it was still long dreadlocks would also be suprising.
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    @iamai i am too insecure of my receding hairline to rock these
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    @hardfault just cut it very short and be calm as a crocodile 🐊
    I did the same after having long hair for 12 years.
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