Could you share your experience on how you get your first job as a developer without a solid background?

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    Realizing I fucked up school and just applying as a dev. I already wrote software since 8yo. First company didn't hire me after three great interviews - they said I needed some gray hairs. I agree with them by now. Even until 25 I had to fight to be taken serious since age, no papers, not a stereotype nerd. Second company hired me and then did outsourcing for a few years. Company was bit meh, but the experience seemed to be worth more than any education imo.

    The company was not that good for me - smart and narcistisch manager. For a few years I thought it was normal.

    I don't know if you're about to start - but give it a half year at least. If you're not happy, really leave for next one. Half year is long, but beginning is the hardest imo.
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    I went the other way, took a retail job with a small business and built out their e-commerce and warranty systems while I was there.

    From that, there's a massive kick to the CV 😉
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    Just started applying for jobs. My first one wasn't great but was a foot in the door. After that just take any opportunity to expand your knowledge or move up the ladder.

    With no official qualifications I started a junior in 2010, moved to a better company in 2012, medior by 2015 and senior by 2019.
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    Signed on as the only IT/Dev for a shitty electronics and drop shipping ecommerce portal startup at $14 per hour pre-bubble.

    It was a shitty job, and went bust when the bubble burst, but I learned a lot about IT and web dev, payment portals, linux admin, early DDOS mitigation, PPC, SEO, etc etc etc
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    I was bored. I was tired of uneven flow of income in my previous line of work (work was event based). So I looked for jobs, and applied just for fun. Wasn’t expecting anything. A week or so later got on an email asking me to do a coding test. Didn’t do it for a few weeks, mostly because I was in and out of a flu most of that time. Eventually ended up doing it and got a call from my current manager to schedule an interview. Went to it, absolutely sure I wouldn’t get the job. Got hired on the spot. Googled what even was PHP omw home...
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