Full devRant in-app notification support is here! It actually took me WAY less time than I thought it would take me.

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    Looks really good!
    Maybe you could add a color option for the kind of notification (comments green, ++ red or whatever) instead of using the avatar background as an optional setting to spot the kind of notification in the 'all' tab.
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    @Crowns thanks for the idea! I will think about color-coding and preferences soon, but first I want to finish all of the features and then I’ll get into user preferences. I am not going to skip that, lol
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    It’s quite nice ! But the spacing in the top part and in between the top elements is bothering me a little.
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    @r20408e122449d can you elaborate? Maybe I can fix it soon! Spacing and stuff is actually a thing that I want to focus on a lot because I want to completely finalize the things that are not going to actually be user-changeable. So, speak up — what is it that’s annoying you? LOL
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    There’s nothing ‘annoying’ me lol šŸ˜… It’s a nice page but it would be easier to my eyes to see uniform spacing.

    The vertical spacing between the status bar and “Notifications” is too much.

    I suggest that all the elements on the page have the same left margin. The left most visible elements that is.

    The buttons bar on top almost sticks to the left boundary whereas “Notifications” has a gap and the list below has a gap as well.
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    @r20408e122449d alright, a few things:

    1. THE TITLE IS NOT MOVABLE: this is the navigation bar title label given by Apple and unintended modifications cannot survive for long between iOS updates, as they can completely change the make-up of the title. The title must stay as it is.

    2. THE SEGMENTED PICKER IS SCROLLABLE: the entire thing does not fit inside a single screen. Ever. So I must make it scroll to the right and left (you want the left offset of that to be uniform with the left offset of the user images?)
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    2. Yes to the question in the parentheses. You can move either of those to match the other. You can pick a margin somewhere between the two and align all elements to that.
    Also, “All” and “++’s” don’t really require all that width. So you can fit the other one in without having to scroll. I mean you can give the buttons the widths they need.
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    @r20408e122449d ohhh, that’s a good suggestion. Thank you! I will try to make this a thing.
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    @OmerFlame I guess you’ll always need to play around with the layout until it looks good. šŸ˜… I honestly spend too much time on this, more than the back end work. But at the end it feels nice to have figured out the geometry.
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    @r20408e122449d thing is, I reverse-engineered, implemented, found quirks AND made the frontend myself. This is my most complicated and lengthy project since I started learning programming! I am already very impressed with myself that I actually made a usable replacement to a professionally-written app.
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    I think scrollable segmented control is not a good idea.
    It probably conflicts with the default pan gesture and imho, scrollable tab pickers are bad generally. Android makes often use of it but you won’t find them in any default ios app.

    I’d suggest to use something else instead. Maybe groups and two levels of sections? Or a simple popover 'dropdown' style sheet? Or working with icons instead of text and displaying text only for the selected tab.
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    @Lensflare you’re late, I made it fit without the s c r o l l. check my latest post, it actually looks way better.
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    @OmerFlame I just looked at your other post :)
    Honestly I didn’t know that each segment could have a different width with standard segmented control.
    But I still think that you will run into problems fitting it on smaller device screens like iPhone SE1.
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    @Lensflare I already tested in on that device, I can confirm that it does fit.
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