Not sure if thats just me, but I absolutely can not stand watching people work on a computer slowly. Like: Watching people copy a text into a different window be like:

Select text with the mouse...
Move mouse down for 20 seconds until everything is selected ..
Right click
Click on Taskbar to open different program.
Right click in program
Click paste....

I .... just ... can't man.
Its: Ctrl+a, ctrl+c, alt+tab, ctrl+v

(And that is just one example, there are worse ones)

Maybe that just me, but I am so used to using my computer fast, and I optimized the shit out of my workflow.

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    > "I optimized the shit out of my workflow."

    And if you try to help them, they get pissed.

    My wife will try to copy a recipe and the site has 'blocked' the right-mouse button and I get a call.

    W: "How do I copy? The mouse isn't working."

    Me: "Select the text and hit ctrl-C. Same as the 1000 times before"

    W: "Didn't work."

    Me: "What do you mean?"

    W: "Is the text supposed to be blue?"

    Me: "Yes"

    W: "Ugh, you didn't tell me to make it blue. Still not working. I pressed the ctrl key and the C key."

    Me: "You have to press them at the same time. Hold down the control key and press the C key at the same time."

    W: "Good grief, why are you making this so difficult? Can't you fix my mouse? I thought you did this for a living. OK, still not working"

    Me: "What happened when you tried to paste?"

    W: "Never mind, its working now. If you fix my mouse liked I asked last time, I wouldn't call you at work. You never listen to me!"

    Me: "That's not the prob...um..OK, sure."
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    I loathe having to move away from my keyboard to my mouse
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    When I see people manually clicking the down arrow in a scrollbar thousands of times to get to the bottom of the window instead of just hitting the end key or even just using a scroll wheel on the mouse, it makes me want to punch babies.
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    One of the levels of hell for techies is being forced to watch newbies work with programs you're intimately familiar with
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    I feel you. That’s why I cannot understand people which are not using a tiling window manager, or prefer graphical interfaces over terminal + hot keys and scripts...
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    @dder I think, in terms of GUI over CLI, it depends on what you're doing. I'd never want to browse the web in a terminal. I'd never want to edit a video on a command line, etc.

    The right tool should be used for the right job.
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    @dder yes, yes, yes exactly! Tiling wm ftw
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    @PaperTrail Holly shit I would go insane! Respect for not raging at your wife 😄
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    @Lensflare >"Respect for not raging at your wife" Technology is the only thing she is bad at. Being a nurse (*extremely* competent in that area) and good at just about anything else she does (sings, plays various instruments, excellent cook, best mom in the world, puts up with my weirdness, etc), I've learned to be helpful in the very few areas I'm good at. Killing spiders, re-filling the printer with paper, stuff like that. If she ever figures out the spiders are really fake, I'm screwed.
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    @PaperTrail You could try and buy her a new mouse but replacing the wife is more in line with the root cause analysis.
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