Most Russian thing done by a Russian Mathematician

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    He looks like a russian Albert Einstein
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    @12bitfloat Einstein + Hitler = Grigori
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    That's Grigori Perelman, at least mention his name. Also what does this have to do with being Russian, and what does this have to do with dR?
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    It’s cause he lives with her mom and she told him she want that money and he told her over my dead body.
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    If anyone offers me 1M for some shit I aced. I am taking it.
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    Russia is not the soviet union anymore, you know?
    They are all capitalists now. ^^
    With this single one exception of course :P
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    What was his motive? If he wanted the money to be used for somebody's benefit, he should have taken it and done that himself, now the money will be in pockets of politicians, If it was some political reason, then fine.
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    @theabbie He wanted to share credit with another Mathematician for the discovery but the community refused to do so.

    He was also, upset with political moves of some Mathematicians against him and how no one took any action on them.
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    @opengenus Good for him, a mathematician with $1 Million is better than a poor mathematician.
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