I hate this image - things in 2 states weird me out

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    Same as with my code 😂
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    To be nitpicky:
    Actually those are not "schrödingers plates"
    Because u know they are still whole and you also know they will break in you oben the cabin 😉
    So the state of those plates is known
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    @TheSamsa finally someone who gets it
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    Smash the window to the right and fix it.
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    @TheSamsa I like being not picky:
    Since there is still a probability (even a small one) that the plates could be saved there is still a probity to collapse. It's current state is known but it's final state isn't.
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    @IainVM the point is the current state is known!
    The whole Schrödingers Cat thought experiment tries to visualize a rule of the Quantum Mechanics. That a isolated System can have to states at the same time until it will be observed directly and it changes to one of the stable states.
    And since you see (observe) that the plates are whole, they are in just one state. 😉
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    Should have used pure plates. You wouldn't have multi threaded race conditions ending up in simultaneous conflicting state.

    Ah, yes, if you think you're good enough in programming to write multi threaded code, you just haven't thought enough :)
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    Perfect way to describe client databases.
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    Take cabinet and lie cabinet down face up very slowly. Open cabinet. Remove plates.

    You have now collapsed the wavefunction.
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    They are ugly plates. Let them break.
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    @TheSamsa This pictures shows a moment that has a future state, that is now a past state within our present state so we are not observing the real plates anymore. Until we observe the answer from the OPT (original picture taker) wether they broke or not, we do not know the state of these plates. 😋
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    @RStrydom this is stretching Schrödingers equation far beyond what it is supposed to represent 😂
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    @RStrydom You Are Right , But For That There Must Be A Quantum Entanglement Because Schrödinger's Equation Talks About The State At A Given Instant But As Per Delayed Quantum Choice Eraser The State Of An Object Can Be Changed After The Outcome Has Occurred. As The "Which Path" Information Comes At A Later Point In Time.
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    P.S. : For Those Of Who Wondering What I Was Talking About.
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    @TheSamsa It could have been Schrödinger's plates if the door was opaque.
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