Is WiFi really dangerous? never heard of it. Or is this article spreading non-sense?

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    If you can't tell, go get a 5G microchip injection with the COVID vaccine.

    Seriosuly, "I" and "some professor" and "not a single fucking research paper link" and "not 1 creditable source" and... shall I continue?

    Here, go buy one of these and feel safe
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    Well wifi at 2.4GHz or microwaves emit at the same frequency as water's resonance frequency.

    Technically speaking, you can heat up water using this knowledge, as microwaves do, but you need a shit ton of power for it to even make a difference. Wifi does not come close to that.

    RF (radio frequencies) sources that emit at a high power have a radius of restricted access to any users without proper equipment. Pretty much all governments over the world have very strict regulations regarding this.

    The only thing we can say for sure about radio frequencies is that we don't know everything about them and that we might find new things about them in the future. We have to keep a scientific mind about it basically.
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    Afaik there is no unbiased proof that low power RF (Wifi for example) has any negative impact on human life or on the environment, but I am open to scientific proofs. This article has very little scientific rigor.
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    @rooter actually they have same warning on gas stations or petrol pumps(in India)

    Do not talk on phone while refilling
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    @rooter there is a reason for it. Most people thinks it's cause of radiation can cause fire which is not true as radio waves from phone are not that powerful.
    It's there so that people don't get distracted at gas stations as even a small incident can lead to something bigger. You can find many example on youtube.
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    So first they scare the reader that microwave oven and communication signals are exactly the same thing. Then, they display a weird image that probably makes many readers quit reading or skip the next part where they tell that they are actually completely different things and wifi won't cook you after all. And in the end they basically come to the conclusion that there's no evidence except that some people feel like it's dangerous.
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    @electrineer yep, but you're not actually meant to read that far and then share your "OMG Fear" spam onto social media, relying on others to end up just as far as those images ... err "evidence" before sharing the same.
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    1. There are safety regulations in place that won't let any manufacturer to make a dangerous home appliance.
    2. To emit radio waves at a level which could be dangerous to humans, your router will need a fuckton of energy, so much that your source will melt and burn before it is even able to produce some.
    3. The radiation from the sun probably has more power/frequency that these radio waves. Should we be scared of the sun now?
    4. Intensity of radiation (for a non-unidirectional antenna) inversely depends on square of the distance between you and the source. Do you live near a very high power radiation source? Probably not.
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    It says WiFi radiation can lead to DNA chain breaks. Where are they getting their wifi signal from? Fucking Chernobyl?
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