One of my insurance companies made me sign a legal disclosure that they no longer support Internet Explorer for paperless options. The end is in sight!

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    Most of the ordeal was just IT groups being lazy ass bastards about shit.

    Like if you've got some legacy shit that only runs in IE fine... but fuck you, if you want our app you can install another browser for just that. If you / you're people can't handle having two browsers for different apps .... bro.
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    Holy hell, within the time and money it took to get all their customers to sign paperless legal disclosures they could’ve polyfilled everything needed for IE.
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    @vigidis they literally had him sign a legal agreement that he can’t use IE anymore 😹 like who tf cares. My companies Moto is fuck you and fuck IE
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    @vigidis I’m sure I stand alone when I say I hate the customer centric business model. Like maybe do what’s right for the company for a change instead of plunging the model into irreversible domain changes over one customer with enough dough.
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