the amount of time you spend trying to unfuck shit you don't understand while using linux is highly unpleasant

i'm even on ubuntu which should is supposed to be a friendly babbies first linux option

dumbass shit with the desktop environment being borked such that i had to stop using cinnamon and grub boot issues because of dual booting windows 10 on the same drive

something that just werks, can play games, codemonkey, wageslave and isn't windows could be nice (macos fuck off, you don't satisfy the critieria eitehr)

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    If you want something simple and extremely low maintenance

    Try Ubuntu Budgie or Linux Mint Mate.

    As for playing games. That's a hit and miss area.
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    Dual booting is questionable at best, but with win10? On the same drive? That is just asking for problems. Windows will randomly kill grub just because. It can also mount and muck with your partitions. It says it makes no changes, but fsck invariably says otherwise.

    You are right, though, that fixing problems on a system you don’t understand well can be extremely frustrating. And it’s also easy to break things in ways you don’t know how to fix. “With great power” and all that. There’s very little handholding in the Linux world. Totally sucks for beginners.
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    Mint 20.1 Cinnamon here on several machines (including a Ryzen laptop) with no desktop issues. No Windows though so that I can't say something about dual boot.
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    From someone who uses all three (Windows, MacBook and Ubuntu) everyday, there is no "just works" OS. The closest I got is the latest MacOS.
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