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Being depressed with recent stuff about my ex, I've been going out a lot more than I use to, thus engaging in conversation with people I've never talked to before, and it made me realize something. Maybe it's because the world it's more connected nowadays, but I think it's more about our career (be it CS Engineer, Software Dev, Web-Dev, etc...) and correct me if I'm wrong but I think we are the kind of people that knows about everything (maybe not everything, but know basic stuff that can't be considered general knowledge) because that's what we do, we spend our days updating ourselves, growing in knowledge.

What's my point? That, thanks to this ability, we can work, cooperate or even socialize in a rather easy way. For example, I learned bit of color theory and design principles for a school project. Fast forward some months, I meet this girl that had a degree in Digital Design and I could talk to her about her field, and even knew things she forgot.

I don't know, for me, it's amazing how we can shape shift and mold to the situation, easier than any other career.

Am I wrong or missing something? Let me know

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    Thank you! Stereotypes are rarely true, but i dont recall meeting more outgoing group of people than devs, in wide meaning of that statement.
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    Agreed. I think because we know how shit works (especially the Internet) we don't take things at face value. So we dig.
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    I really agree. I feel that i'm 'better' than the people around me. I myself think that I can see my own faults, accept people for what they do and say but maybe have a better response/argument. And so many times... so many times I feel like I know soo much more than the guy beside me and can get liiittle bit angry and surprised when I see something as common knowledge but the person I talk to don't
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    Did it even compile? That multiline string seems to me like a syntax error.
    BTW, passing type as a constructor argument would be nicer :v
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    @andunai Yeah, I was sleepy as fuck, so I didn't think straight, hahaha
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