Me: you should not open that log file in excel its almost 700mb
Client: its okay, my computer has 4gb ram
Me: *looking at clients computer crashing*
Client: the file is broken!
Me: no, you just need to use a more memory efficient tool, like R, SAS, python, C#, or like anything else!

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    @thmnmlst excel loads it all into memory eight times.
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    @thejohnhoffer any not-mad reason for that?
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    @nickdbush sorry- my comment was meant to be a joke. Sad it's believable with Microsoft office.
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    @thejohnhoffer I think it says a lot about Microsoft that someone would believe they'd do that. Or me.
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    "to make everything important you do faster, we've committed to putting the entire office straight to ram on load! And then, when you open a file, we load it twice into ram, in case you make an error, in which case, we diff the two files, rebuild the first one and replace the second by a second copy. Each time you press the backspace."
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