The fact my university still teaches ada as a coding language in a required class. That's a real disaster. Also had to use racket in another course. Nothing uses racket.

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    Ada is a mysterious language and not so terrible to learn programming. It has highly paid positions in safety critical software.
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    like @aviophile said. Ada is an language made for safety. there is a 300 page document to help C developers write secure code. 300 pages full of hints on how to avoid use-after-free and other errors.
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    Ada is not a bad language! Even if I do prefer C++, with all its footguns.

    And racket is great for making new languages and manipulating programs.
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    @aviophile Ada use by Rocket launcher right? Or I'm wrong?
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    @johnmelodyme afaik many applications in the us-mil sector require Ada programs.
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    @johnmelodyme i have seen military aircraft sw components only.
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    Ada was used in the Ariane 5 software, the rocket famous for exploding due to (ultimately) an improper numeric conversion.

    But it wasn't Ada's fault :)
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    @halfflat it was the fault of engineers that didnt think about that the metric system.
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    @stop Ah, no, that was a different disaster! :D
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