You who invented the air fryer. "I love you".

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    yes true they're amazing! my microwave has hot air and grill combi function.
    7 minutes and my frozen pizza dinner is ready. 😍
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    Anything straight from the freezer.
    Just turn on the timer and wait for the ding and eat. Cleanup is easy too. Just let some water sit overnight so it'll come off quickly.

    Okay I love the microwave also but don't use it much except for reheating. But the air fryer, I love it for french fries, hashbrowns, potato wedges, chicken and anything else inside the fridge that says "dip me in oil". It's cheap. Easy to move - I can cook with it beside the TV so I can pay attention to them both. Less oil ergo less fat, although it can feel like it's drier compared to deep fried but my vote is on anything that helps lower calories so still loving it.
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    Hey, how different do air fried fries taste compared to oil fried ones? Is the texture better or worse?
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    @telephantasm if you've got an oven and had deep frozen oven fries before it's very similar to that. With the exception that the fries are browned evenly. So if you've allready got an oven i wouldn't recommend a single purpose air fryer like in the picture.
    Except if you want to upgrade your microwave then have a look at the Panasonic Inverter ones with hot air.
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    I don't have one and I feel like I wouldn't use it enough if I got it. Im a "lets stir fry random veggies together because it only takes like 15 min".
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    @rutee07 Vegetables with low water, e.g. parsnip, carrots, potatoes.

    Peel and snip into small sticks (3-5 cm)

    Mix in a bowl with roughly 15 ml / big spoon of olive oil (roughly for 500 g), mix well together.

    Then add bit of salt.

    Now is the question: How do you like it?

    Hot? Raz El Hanout / Hungarian Hot Paprica

    Sweet? Glaze with Honey. Honey should be bit heated, 10 to 15 secs top in microwave.

    Crunchy? Seeds, eg. pumpkin, bit crunched in a bag

    Sweet Sour Hot? Soya sauce, Honey, Chilli paste. Roughly 50 ml soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of honey, 2 - 3 teaspoons of chilli paste depending on how you like it.

    And so on.

    Extremely versatile and low budget.
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