DevRant rant:

I am on DevRant for quite a while now and I really enjoy it here. The overall atmosphere is great, as well as the community. (Yes, that includes you!)
Since I came here I've learned some very valuable lessons regarding work (conditions), annoying coworkers and programming itself. I like to think of DevRant as a huge ball of experience by very talented people, as well as a great place for discussions about a topic we all love: code. But lately I am seeing more and more memes on here, with titles like "I think everybody know this", "I think everybody can relate" and "Soo true". Those posts have no value at all and are (most of the time) reposted from 9gag or similar networks. Sometimes those "rants" don't even have anything to do with devs anymore, but are only here to farm ++'es. In the beginning I really enjoyed funny "rants", but now the majority of them just annoy me. It becomes especially annoying when you see the same meme three times in 15 minutes.
I'd be in for some kind of DevFun section, where everybody is able to post his or hers jokes/memes/etc, but the current situation just really gets on my nerves.

I hope that I am not the only one who thinks like that, because I really feel uncomfortable ranting about something I actually love.

end rant

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    You are without doubt NOT the only person who feels like this.

    The 9gag memes have got to stop.

    I miss reading rants about what it's like, a day in the life of a software dev. Dealing with clients, dealing with project managers. Compilers, language features.. And the good stuff too. Getting promoted, overcoming a programming challenge.. and some !rants too.

    I'm just gonna start (--)ing such memes as repost. Then at least algo will skip them for me.

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    @corscheid I'm new here, is that what the -- does? I view by new because I don't trust algorithms to show content correctly (like FB and Twitter). For my posts so far it's been about matching what I've seen, and if the 9chan/Pinterest style content is not what devRant is about then I'll focus on more real life stories.
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    @bkwilliams when I was new here (not even that long ago tbh) that's what this place mostly was: a platform to rant and vent about being a dev and about bullshit that pisses people off. The funny rants were usually ones entailing hilarious bugs, or code that is completely pointless yet still elaborate. Or just generally exposing bullshit.

    It's not terrible to see a meme here or there but for me, (speaking for myself and my prefs here) I'd like to see maybe 1 in 40 posts or so to be some kind of meme. But when memes match or overtake rants in ratio, it would make me sad inside.
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    The algo feed does personalize, so if you downvote things you don't appreciate you will be shown less of those.

    As it is, the community upvotes memes more than I'd like as well, but that's democracy in action... at least they are fellow devs voting and not random people.
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    @trogus yeah that's true. Really, as it is it's not as bad as I may have made it sound. I'm a fan of the algo filter.
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    What do you have against dankness?
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    @calmyourtities dankness? Nothing. Maybe because to me, "dankness" is MJ. 😂
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    As for the three memes repeating I wonder if there can be a new feature to mark as a duplicate ala Stack Overflow. I remember I saw something funny, posted it on devRant and got told off for reposting the same stuff even though I couldn't see it on my feed
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    @songwrite if you downvote, there is the option to mark as a repost, then in settings you can turn on "hide reposts"
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    @trogus down voting is good way to keep the feed cleaner but only useful when you have to down vote only a couple of rants per 30-40 rants. Down voting every 3rd rant is even bigger annoyance than the meme rant itself. Sorry to say but down voting had failed though it was the best you could come up with.
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    I feel the same way. I made two rather long rants and they have less than 100++ combined. Yet a rant just posting a picture got more than 200. it's not about the ++ I got but the relation. If it's called devRant than rants should be higher valued than memes
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    @Data-Bound it's bound to happen. devRant is gaining traction and is getting a stream of new users that want to be developers but are not there yet. For those users it's hard to understand the funny or annoying aspects of development or devshop mechanics. They don't understand them or have no experience with them. Because of this they are unable to relate and don't ++. A meme on other hand is quite easy to understand for everyone.

    Also graphical information affects feelings quicker than written. So it's also a question of patience.

    It would be interesting to see an age demographic of devRant users and how it affects the amount of pictures. Kind of age vs images vs ++ comparison.
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