My reaction any time I have to use an Apple product.

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    Given that they have excellent build quality, normally pretty good specs on the Pro models and the ability to run Wndows, Mac or Linux I'm surprised anyone would say that.

    I guess you think they're overpriced.
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    @drRoss yes, they are. Paid 2500€ for mine and I DON'T EVEN HAVE A GPU. This is fucking robbery. The beast is quite slow and unresponsive overall when you're busying it a bit, clearly not worth that price.

    I need this sticker now
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    @drRoss The build quality is only excellent if you don't look beyond the aluminum body. In the span of a year, I've seen a dead SATA cable, a dying video cable, and a touchpad which mysteriously stopped working on friends' and co-workers' Macbooks. Considering you're not allowed to fix these subpar components if you wanted to, yes, the devices are far overpriced.

    I also hate the UX.
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    @jlave215 I've had my MBP for almost 6 years now and *touch wood* it has never missed a beat running Windows 7.

    I've upgraded the RAM and changed to an SSD now, it's probably quicker than it was new.

    I have heard that they aren't as well made nowadays.
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    @DLMousey I don't get your statement. They can take a few good knocks, but they'll break if abused? Uh...

    Anyway I fail to see how internal ribbon cables would crap out from any sort of external movement. Especially since in the case of the SATA I knew that my girlfriend's laptop was treated very well. Just inferior Chinese parts that cost more because they have an Apple™ on the front.
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