Guys should I quit my CURRENT job ? I feel like I should find another job because of the following reasons

a. I suck. I know I can't complete the task given. The task given is to build a trading bot. I can't complete it because of my incompetent trading knowledge and i find it difficult to understand trading logic and I tried my level best even paying someone to private tutor me but the tuition fees are too high and I still don't understand. Btw I am from a web development background

b. It has been 3 months in this company. I feel like I am not doing anything. I feel like a loser who has been eating free salary without contributing anything. Sure I have managed to write few strategies on pinescript.

c. I dread everyday to even do anything. I use to feel accomplished in my previous job. Nowadays I cant hope to feel like a complete idiot.

d. I don't have the motivation or fire that I use to have when I was a web developer. I just hate looking at code nowadays.

e. Algo Trading is too difficult for me. I don't feel like I am progressing anywhere.

f. Nobody in my company knows how to build a bot or have any knowledge on this.

g. Python dataframes , plots, charts bores me to death and I am really no interested to even look at it.

I am just so frustrated as I am typing this and I am becoming tired and exhausted to go to work everyday because everyday I am so clueless on what to do. You need at least some idea where to go to but I don't. Everyday I feel like a complete clueless moron.

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    You already know the answer, you don't need our permission.
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    IMO, g is the only valid point in the list. "I'm not good at xy" is an incentive to put in the leg work, read, learn, do and become better at what you do. If they fire you while doing so, well bad luck but you're in IT so finding something new shouldn't be that hard, if they don't you have a chance to master a new skillset which allows you to become a specialist in what you do and being a cross field specialist is where the big bucks hide.

    Remember, 10.000 hours to master a skill, if the concept itself interests you, it's worth putting them in.
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    If you like it, but just not good at it now. Spend some time to master it. If your company have no ideas, then you are already the best.
    If you hate it, well, you known what to do
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    "Build a bot that does THING" isn't a valid task. How is a developer supposed to create software with no specs? You may quit, but if your company doesn't list the "I want" and "I don't want" of a project it's not really your fault...
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    In any case look for a job. Quit if you can I'd say.
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    1. Find new job for higher pay. Work tirelessly and relentlessly for months to find this job if necessary.

    2. Tell your current job they need to match X number.

    3. Go to the new job anyway while strolling the fuck out of the old job like DiCaprio.

    4. ???

    5. Literally Profit.
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    I think you should quit your NEXT job
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    Okay, straight off the bat, "build a trading bot" is not a task, it is a project. If you are working for a trading software company, then it is on them to scope it out, do the research, break it up into epics/stories, gather the requirements and prioritise them for you. If they don't know anything about trading, but want you to build a trading bot, what sort of cowboy company are you at? What is their supposed industry?

    Further to this, why are you at a company building trading software if you have no interest in trading? The answer could well be above that they didn't advertise themselves as such, however if that isn't the case and you were simply chasing the money, here is a lesson in why software development is a labour of love and simply going for the biggest salary often isn't conducive to passion and productivity. If you are someone that can write code for anyone and for any purpose and you don't care why, you are what I like to call a "code monkey".

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    You are clearly demotivated and have no passion or interest in the area of work you are subjecting yourself to. So take some time, think about what problems you really want to solve, what software you would love to build, or what cause really burns a fire inside you and start looking for a dev role that will inspire you to produce, progress and push through tough problems and feel a real sense of achievement.
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    @AaronUponEarth I agree on task breaking part. If you are going to work each day with a clear idea on the small task that you need to do, it's the right situation to be in.
    If the above situation is already present and then yes you should quit the job, it cannot get better.
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