Business logic:

Meeting starts at 9:45 AM. They only really wanna talk about the features they have on the horizon and how innovative and distruptive and rich we'll be. We spend 10, maybe 15 minutes talking about UI and details of the feaure. The meeting ends a few minutes before 12, so that's 2 hours of lunch (I wanna respect the schedules we had pre-covid to keep that rhythm). I start working again at 2 PM, but 15 minutes later, I get called again by one of the managers to hear more about this new great new idea they have.

So I work about 7-9 hours a day. But HR and management want to spend 3 of those hours. Suggestion: we'd improve our productivity by about 35% if we cut those daily meetings.

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    Oh this.... Sounds familiar.... I hate meetings too. And also those especially give me weird requirements and NEW UNREALISTIC FEATURES ... For example. I was once called to do an app to control an aeroplane with EEG signal. Which we know it is impossible to do that... If I have the capability to do this, I think Big Tech company will be hiring me..(n_n)
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    Haha yeah. If you've thought about it, richer people have too. And if it doesn't exist yet, it's because Big Tech has been unsuccessful. And if they can't, who can?
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    Hold up, you get two hours of lunch? What does your corp think it's employees are, grazing animals who never stop eating? Maybe you could cut out some of that dramatically long lunch to get some stuff done and just not tell anyone.
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    Management’s idea of work is taking.
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    @Root talking*
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    Yea, I mean, I'd start with the 2-hour lunch break...
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