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    18m went on wine and pay rises
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    Edge case ☺
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    Though as a developer, I am inclined to say that browsers should not allow js to be disabled these days.

    It is sort of like saying, I want you to write a program to run on windows with a beautiful UI, but it has to run on terminal (or is it called command prompt) as well ...

    Just too much work for developers for almost no gains ...
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    @rusty-hacker There are perfectly valid security reasons, and really, not everything should need JS to work.
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    @osmarks thats why I said "almost no gains"

    Reallistically looking at it, for an enjoyable expirence these days, js is required. Personally tried disabled js for soem time a few years back and it was just not enjoyable, not because sites told me I needed it, but the overall expirence. So I would rather web devs, browser devs and plugin devs spend their time improving the security of their product with js, rather than spending it on disabled-js side. Its a personally held view ...
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