I have no specialty, I’m a total generalist. Frameworks and buzzword tech is only useful to me if it makes it easier to code without extraneous syntax, or if I need to know it for the job! Recruiters hate hearing this, they want someone who lives, eats and breathes react.js! They want someone with PASSION for easier (or harder due to shit design) ways to do easy things bc ITS FUTURE! React separates true developers from code monkeys! You never heard of Deno? Serverless NOSQL? BAH! Back to your cave, you bickering caveman! MY DIVINE RECRUITINESS DEEMETH THEE UNWORTHY FOUL WORM

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    I think you need both specialists and generalists in a dev team. You need generalists that see the bigger picture and can be flexibly assigned to a lot of easier/medium tasks.

    But no matter on which technology you committed, at a certain point there will be a frustratingly hard problem. For these kind of tasks you need the specialists that know every little specific oddity of the technology chosen.
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    @c64forthewin I’m not sure where you’re going with the idea of generalists getting the easier tasks. It’s a matter of knowledge, not problem solving or development ability. Specialists aren’t necessarily smarter than generalists. If a specialist gets a problem to solve in an area he doesn’t know, he’ll struggle bc he doesn’t know that particular area. A generalist with enough knowledge in that area and coding chops will solve it. A specialist will definitely handle a problem better than a generalist if it needs deeper knowledge of a certain framework or tool and the generalist lacks that knowledge to do it well. If a problem only requires decent, but not great knowledge of a framework or tool then whether the generalist outperforms the specialist comes down to problem solving and development skills which are harder to teach
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    I have stated throughout, and continue to state, that the dev community got just as buttfucked by React as the world at large did by Facebook.

    Change my mind.
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    @JustThat I mean... the same could be said for Vue... but we don't have that many frameworks that were also created by companies that profit from human data mining.
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    @d-fanelli Completely agree with that. I should've been more precise: A specialist is more capable of dealing with problems arising from the technology he is an expert in. There are always problems that can be more easily solved within a framework or library and thus don't require in-depth knowledge of the specific technology.

    But sometimes you may have to do things the framework isn't actually made for and/or behaves unexpectedly. In this case you need someone who really knows the internal logic of the framework - a specialist.
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    @JustThat Easy/medium tasks was an imprecise choice of words. I clarified what I meant in my comment to @d-fanelli
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