Model without conv2:
"I'm gonna be poor and miserable and barely give you .96 acc after much training."

Model with conv2:
"Ahoi! Look at me score .95 in the first epoch!"


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    Again I knew it was you
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    @electrineer so what? 😛
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    P.S. rant:

    I don't even want to use conv2d. So far I'm testing my luck with conv1d, but I'd like to move to dnn instead. Like, full on FCs.
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    I love how little of this I understand
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    @Root lovely, isn't it? :D
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    Out of curiosity, why get rid of conv2d? I've found it to be extremely efficient for most architectures in practice and it has fast implementations on most devices.
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    @rootofskynet It is! It means there’s so much more I can learn and understand.
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    @Root I thought you understood EVERYTHING 😜
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    @d-fanelli @theKarlisK our empress @Root doesn't need to know everything. she delegates tasks to folks who drink.. and know things.
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    @RememberMe defeats the purpose. People have done it that way before, and I want to try another thing. Plus it doesn't make sense why conv1 wouldn't do a good job there either. Like, right now it seems like conv2 magic.
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    @rootofskynet lol I drink and know things too but Queen @Root would never ask me for advice! I’m more like the cheese merchant of devRant, totally not king material lol. Just a peasant with his caravan of smelly gruyere and cheddar lol
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