A Fellow Ranter said I should introduce myself, so here I go.

Me = {
Gender = "Male",
CodeOfChoise = {"lua", "PHP"},
Age = "28"
Location = "404"

No really here we go, I am Rex, I am dyslexic and forget code really badly but it does not stop me from trying to have fun with some ideas, I use mostly PHP these days but when I want to make a quick windows tool I use a app called AMS or AutoPlayMedia Studios what as a nice lua scripting language back end.

I been coding on and off for many years since I was about 15 and I been in love with computers since I was about 6 (don't tell my wife).

So far I like the site, its better then Twitter and Facebook as it's code related and fun to read and some stuff gets the cogs a turning.

I don't have any real foot print in the dev world, I get by but I not here to be loved, or to be big in any field, I am here because I enjoy my tech.

I leave this little introduce me with a question, what was your first or first memorial computer.

Mine was the Acorn A4000 Mixed with parts from the A3000 and A5000's :) she was a little bit of a mix match.

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    Welcome to devrant and I hope you enjoy it!

    PS. Missing comma on line 3 of object initialization :)
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    Are that is why I am getting a error, thanks for catching that lol

    And thanks, I do like it here so far.
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    Welcome to devRant and full disclosure, I was that fellow ranter.
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    @nblackburn Thanks bud, you was right to think I would like this site, I do :) thanks for the heads up.
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    @Rexzooly my pleasure 😀
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    @Haxk20 Thanks for the comment, I am not sure I ready to state awesome, I am hard to please lol but I would say its a good platform so far :P
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    @Haxk20 I am not on the app, and the PC version does not have it or it's bugging out or I would of already done it :)
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    @Haxk20 You need x ++ to create one.
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    @Haxk20 ah is it 20, I am not sure because I was at a couple thousand by the time it was implemented.
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    @Haxk20 I only just got 20 I just watched it grow form 7 to 20 in a few mins lol so even if what you saying it true at the time of me setting up my profile it was not a option.
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    @Haxk20 I just checked again, there is still no edit or upload or set or enable Avatar on the desktop version, remember its Beta so maybe its not been added yet.
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    @Haxk20 Thanks, but right now I have no access to a spyphone, I mean spy, no no I mean smartphone at the moment, I will when I get home and dig it out, it be useful to leave this on the desk with the feed open lol so I give it a look later on tonight.
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    Why do you put your age in a string?
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    Why is your Location an 404? I think an 403 Suits better...
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    @SphinxGraph I've tried a few times getting a 404 when trying to find my way home after excessive alcohol imports...
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    Here, have a ++
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    @Flygger good point there, I don't know I think I just over looked that one, so I made s number a string and missed a comma lol

    And at late I been doing version numbers in my app what is "" so i might of still been on that line of thinking, maybe I was thinking I am a version of myself rather then the one true version that ages :)
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    @Rexzooly Haha yeah, for our kind age and version tends to be two ways of expressing the same thing, except version numbers are of a less linear nature — of course some versioning schemes are like y.m.d which, depending on initial version number is equivalent to either date or age...
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